Getting Project Server data through Power Query Odata Feed from outside network

David Howe
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I have Project Server administrator permissions for a company's Project Server (on-premise) instance.  Access to the project data via Power Query OData Data Feed works for other administrators when connected directly to the network.  I am an external user and don not connect directly to the network.  I can successfully log in to Project Server remotely.  I can also see the XML data when entering the Odata URL in a browser, however, when I try to authenticate using Power Query to the Odata Feed, I get the following error using Windows Authentication: "Odata: the given URL neither points to an Odata service or a feed: 'https://<URL>"

If using Organizational Account authentication, I get the following error: "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive."

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I am having a sort of similar problem, maybe, attempting to use an *atomsvc feed from an SQL Reporting Server, which used to work great for years and does work for others in my company.  May I ask what version of Excel you are using versus your collogues?  I have been dealing my issue for weeks and have confirmed it used to work in 1803 (and still does if I roll back) but is now broken in 1902.  @David Howe 

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