Get & Transform Data | Get Data from a folder transforming the files before the combination

Carlos Cardenas Velasquez
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I want to read the files in a folder, but those files needs some transformation before I can combine them with power query. Normally what i would do if all of them were in a table format is to combine them and load but since the data in each file is not fully structure if i do this i won´t get correct data.


I have many files that before the combination need to:

1-Remove the first 10 rows of each since they are empty.

2-Unpivot columns.


How can i do this with Power Query before combining them in a massive way?


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Hi @Carlos Cardenas Velasquez


Start with Combine and Edit




Then do your transformations (removing rows and unpivotting) in the Transform Sample File step





Those transformations will then be applied to all the files as they are pulled in.



Also, load as Connection Only to start with.

then After it's complete go to the Query Pane and change your load destination to Table or Data Model
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