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I am trying to create a workbook that can be used to figure who one the Golf Game. In Column B I have a list of names. In Column C I have the handicap associated with each name. I'm assuming the first step would be to build a Drop Down Box with all the names. When a name is selected I would think next to the name, in a separate cell, the handicap should appear. Any idea on how to make that happen? I've tried the V-LOOKUP Feature but can't get it to work.


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You certainly need to attach your sample file.


Sir this project is crazy but I'm trying to do it. I'm "ok" with excel. My company runs on it and I wrote all the programs. We have been in business 30 years.


There is a "kid" that lives in a small rural community in Georgia. There are a bunch of guys that play Golf together three times a week. After the Golf game they would sit for an hour, maybe two, figuring up their bets. This "kid" I mentioned has never played golf but he created something for them. If you go to helpshae.com/index you will see what he created. We can't find this "kid" anymore and I'd like to duplicate what he's done but honestly, "I can't even figure out how to start."


The program he wrote adjust handicaps depending on who's in the game, it figures all the bets. Personally I think the "kid" is a genius and if I could find him I would hire him! LOL


What do you think?


Perhaps, this formula in B2 of the attached file will comply with your requirement: 

2,0),"Not Found")

Thank you...



You're welcome.



Agree that vlook up should work!

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