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Can I create a formula to output a time based on a start time of 0800 and distance travelled at a certain speed?
Eg start travelling at 0800 at 19.3121km/ph the first junction is at 0.4km. I want a formula to work this out and add it to 0800
Answer is 1min 14 so 08:01:14 but how do I make a formula
I have 100s of turns along a 200+ km route and have to also calculate those turns at different speeds
A formula would be a great help cheers
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As a comment, that's not exactly the Excel question. If you have a logic how the result shall be calculated, expressed in words or with on-paper formulas, this community help translate it into Excel formulas.

However, perhaps someone knows the answer.


Given the Speed (kph), Junction, and Distance in Columns A:C, the formula in D2 of the attached file is: 


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