Formula returns 0

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The formula in cell G12 is giving me a 0. I've tried everything and still can fix the formula. Any ideas?



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Not sure if I interpreted you correctly 


If you are after a logical test to confirm there is a value in C12 and if not do nothing and if correct do the calc, then this will work




if not can you explain a little clearer for me 


I'm sorry i did not explain myself clearly.


Micro.PNGAll i'm trying to do is a logical test using the IFS formula I'd like excel to If in C:C finds the number "2,446.96" to make it "600" and then if on G:G it finds a number like "600" to take away 600 from 2,446.96.


I might not be explaining myself rightly, English isn't my first language. 



What are your expected results for G12, G13, G14, etc.?


If any of C:C equals C13, then return F3; then if any of G:G equals F3, retuns -C12-F3.

I meant the real numbers.

For example:

G12 should be 444.

G13 should be 741.

G14 should be -4.


Ok so for now all i'd want is G12 to be DOP RD$1.846,96

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