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I am working on building a database of environmental information.  I have 24 hour values, that I condense into Max, Min, Ave Daily values (all positive numbers) which are then copied from one sheet(1) into another sheet(2).  What function can I use to make the copied cells on sheet (2) automatically change when I make changes to the original cells on sheet(1)? 


More specifically, I have 570 cells on sheet(1) that have the formula [=L24+(K25*G25), =L48+(K49*G49), =L72+(K73*G73), …..] etc. etc. Notice they are skipping down the sheet by 24s. They then shift to the next year which starts at [=X24+(W25*S25), =AJ24+(AI25*AE25), and so on and so forth.  These are skipping to the right by 12 letters.  I have been holding the CTRL key and selecting all 570 cells, then copying and pasting these onto a new sheet(2).  However, if I make edits to sheet (1) the only way for me to know which cells were changed is to recopy and paste.  Is there a better way?

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I think you should be able to achieve this using indirect() formula. 

To provide a better solution, it would help if you can upload a sample data with formulae.  

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