Formula not working properly...

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Hi all, 

I'm using the following formula         =IFERROR($L$2-I42,"")


I'm using it to show me the difference between two dates where L2 points to a box that shows today's date and the other points to a box with a date inputted in.


I'm using this on office 365 on a live spreadsheet, when you access the file via excel it works fine but when viewing the sheet through a link on a browser it only works for some of the sheet. Below is the screen shot of the document. (1st) where the formula is being used in the last yellow box.


What makes this more complicated is that most of the information is dragged froward from the other workbooks via job number(first yellow box). so when we type the job number in it fills the rest of the boxes in automatically using the following code 


=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B36,'JOB BOOK'!$1:$1048576,6,FALSE),"")


I have checked to see if its the cell formats (see Pic 2) but its not (again last yellow box). so remembering that this works when viewing via excel and its just web viewing that dosn't work, does anyone have any ideas? 

Untitled.pngPicture 1Untitled 1.pngPicture 2

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