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Toby Pitblado
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If anyone can help I would be most grateful.


I am currently using a spreadsheet that links to a Vision Cache table which is in turn linked to SAP 9.0.  The Cache Table link is located in:

C:\Program Files\Infor\Query and Analysis\Vision Cache.xla


The system is being upgraded to Windows 10 and SAP 9.3.  The new Vision Cache Table link is found in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Infor\Query and Analysis\LsAgXLB.xla


When I open the document on the Windows 10 machine the cell shows "?NAME", and the formula is looking for the old link:

='C:\Program Files\Infor\Query and Analysis\Vision Cache.xla'!AG_VICSUM("SAP P&L 2019",1,$C$4,$C38,$C$1)*-1


If I find and replace the file path up to the start of the correct formula, it works.  However, when I save and close the document, then reopen it, I get a following trying to link the file name of the document itself, formula:

='Management Ac_Master1A_2018-19_2001.xlsm'!AG_VICSUM("SAP P&L 2019",1,$C$4,$C38,$C$1)*-1


This causes the "?NAME" to appear in the cell again.  I can find and replace it and the formulas work again.  The problem is it keeps on coming back and I don't know how to stop it from reappearing.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?




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Solved it myself, woohoo.


For anyone else that this happens to, how I solved it:


Removed the macros (copied to another workbook), saved it as an xls file type, closed and reopened, added the macros back in and resaved as xlsm.

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