Formula help please!

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I am having the most difficult time creating a formula for an action, I am very hopeful someone here can help. I  want to apply conditional formatting so that: if K2=0 and G2=<04/15/2019, J2 will have green fill and bold type. I cannot wrap my head around why I cannot get this correct. Someone please help! THANK YOU!

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Hi, I think you'll need to put the date in as a number, so:



 And make sure G2 is formatted as a date. 

@JWR1138 First of all, thank you for replying! Unfortunately, when I use the formula as suggested, it still is not working correctly. I just don't understand why I am having such a difficult time with this. . .

Attached is a sample where this should be working, is your data private or can you post a sample of your workbook?



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