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I am creating a spreadsheet for my job. I need to set up a formula that if the specified cell = the word "Add," it will add two different cells together, as well as if it ="Delete", it will subtract said cells.... is there a way to do that? If so, can someone help me out with that? 


Example of what I am trying to accomplish: If F2="Add" then Cell N3= C3+M3 

                                                                      If F2="Delete" then Cell N3=M3-C3


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Hi @tinabthatsme 


Please try below formula 



Sample file is also attached for your reference. 





Hello @tinabthatsme,


It appears that you have just about figured the formula out yourself!

In formulaic form, what you described in cell N3 would be:

=If(F2="Add", C3+M3, If(F2="Delete","M3-C3,""))


Hope this helps!

Perfect! Thanks!

Thank you! I didn't add the appropriate "" in the formula which is why I couldn't get it to work, so thank you!
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