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Hello All,

     I am trying to come up with a differential formula to let me know how I am doing on a month to month basis.  So for example in Jan I earned 2,000 and then in Feb. I earned 2,600.  In the differential cell (shown in picture below) I want to subtract C6-C5 and it tells me I'm up 600 for the year.  so that's the easy part.  what I'm trying to figure out is how do I make a formula to subtract C6-C5 then C7-C6 then C8-C7 once inputted and so on and so on.  I attached a picture below to help.  ANY help is much appreciated.  thank you so much





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Hi @spalmer 


If you are looking to differentiate your current month income to the previous month, I would suggest adding another column next to monthly income and putting the formulas there. It makes more sense as you can track the whole year.


See image below for example:




I have also created for you an Excel file with the formula in action for you to test.


Hope that helps?




I agree with Damien's suggestion but if you insist, then this should be your formula in C19:
Thank you Damien, I really appreciate the info and ill definitely look into doing that. makes sense.
Thank you Twifoo! I really appreciate that formula. you and Damien have really helped me out with this. I have been trying to figure out this formula for about a month now haha. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to help me out. thank you again! I will use your formula along with damiens idea as well.

So one more question for you guys if you don't mind... using the same table as above but this time instead of subtracting C6-C5 and C7-C6.  How would I make a formula to subtract each month only from January.  So C6-C5, then C7-C5, then C8-C5 and so on?


thank you for your time and help

You may use C$5 instead of C5 in first approach and


in second one


Thank You Sergei! I really appreciate your time and help!

Glad that we can help @spalmer. Have a great time Excelling!




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