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I'm trying to write a formula that will prompt review based on certain criteria in a list.  The only "true" return values I'm getting are on the argument with a greater than numberic value.  Is there another/better way when 2 of the arguments are text values?


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Hi @Kristy_Jane 


Could you post a sample file to show what you are trying to do ?


I'm a bit confused by the A246=Rules!B:B,Q246=Rules!A:A  part





I'll try to get a sample file uploaded.  Rules!A;A and Rules!B:B is referencing a range on another worksheet, same workbook.  So if Q2 equals any value in the range in Column B on Rules tab, value should return "".

Ah ok, you'll need to do a COUNTIFS. So something like this

COUNTIFS( Rules!A:A,Q246)>0, N246<35),"","Review"),"Review")

This worked perfectly!  I tried similar, but I must have been missing a piece of the argument.  thanks! @Wyn Hopkins 

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