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I am needing to calculate how much PTO time has been accrued. The monthly rate varies depending on years of service. 1-4 years get 6.67 hours per month, 5-14 years get 10 hours per month, 15-24 years get 13.3 hours per month 25 and up get 16.67 per month. Cell B7 is hire date R7 is Years of service if that helps.

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Please check the attached file


So how do I get column E to show their current PTO time available? I apologize for not putting that in my original post. Thank you for your help.  

I do not know the formula you use for PTO calculation. However you can use INT to find the integer part of the Years of Service (or ROUNDUP(number;0) if you want to round it to the nearest upper integer) and then multiply it with total of months and total of hours  that this formula returns and then divide it total working hours per day to find total of days that person can have.