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I would like to know if there is a formula that will take an entry made with initials of employees in one column with an entry made with number in another column and put the number value into a specific cell. Additionally, I would like to know if the values entered into the specific cell could auto sum.


As an example:

If "BJP" was entered into A2 and A3, and "5" was entered into B2 and "3" was entered into B3, could I have the numbers from B2 and B3 put into cell C2 and be auto summed? And would it be possible, to have the formula applied to column A for initials of different employees?

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What’s the relationship of B2:B3 to A2:A3? Also, what results do you want to be returned in C2:C3?


Column A would be initials of different employees, so it would contain multiple different values. Column B is a quantity of material packaged. What I am looking to do is have excel move the values from Column B to a specific cell in Column C that is assigned to each individual employee and be auto summed. 

No formula can move B2:B3 to C2:C3. You still haven’t answered my question. What results do you want to be returned in C2:C3?
If the same as B2:B3, the formula in C2 is simply:


Rather than thinking of the process step of transferring the contents of B2 and B3 to cell C2, just focus on C2.  It is the formula in C2 that determines what data it references and, based upon that, what calculation it performs in order to return the value shown.


I hope this is better, as I am obviously not an expert excel user!

What I am looking for is a formula that will take the values in the B column, based on the values in the A column, and put them into the D column. Also would like the D column to auto sum the numbers from the B column. The colors are just used for illustration purposes.


How come Column C is now blank? How can we identify the cells in Column A that would be summed in Column D?


By their color apparently :-)

Perhaps, you want Column C to return the unique employee initials and Column D to return the sum of the numbers in Column B for each employee initial. Please cite sample results for Column C also.


The formula you need is SUMIF (or SUMIFS)

= SUMIFS( Bcolumn, Acolumn, "abc" )

You have decisions to make as to how you can best reference the data in columns A and B and how to avoid the labour intensive process or hard-wiring the name "abc" etc. in each formula.

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