Find and extract names excel from one column to a new one

Jean Genibrel
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I need to find and extract names in excel from one column to a new one.

For example in column A there are strings that contain car names. I need to extract one name like "Ford" to column B.  I cannot find the first or second or last word as the words are spread out in the string.

Thanks for the help

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hi Jean,
why don't you just create a filter for column A to show only cells that CONTAINS "FORD".
Then, when you just see the cells that you need, go to column B and enter the formula: =A2
(I'm assuming the first cell with FORD in it is on cell A2). Then you just paste that cell on all the cells in column B that you see.
Now you can take out the filter and convert those formulas in column B into Values.
I hope this helps with your issue
Hi Jean & the thinker 1958; at first i had a similar issue as you have Jean, a good mate informed to try the same as The Thinker 1958 is suggesting and it really does work and much quicker having to enter everything each time.
You may COUNTIF the cell to the left contains “Ford”, like this:

@Jean GenibrelYou can use this formula on B2:

and duplicate it to all cells.   I usually displayed a  dot  "."   instead of leaving it blank  (just my preference)


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