Filter "companies" that have at least 3 specific "products"

Pablo Fernandes

I have an excel pivot table (and a table dataset behind) that has the structure like the one below. How can I filter/show only companies (Col A) with Products (Col B) 1 AND 2 AND 3? Sounds like something easy but can't find a way to do that. Thank you in advance for any help.


A1: Company 1 | B1: Product 1
A2: Company 1 | B2: Product 2
A3: Company 1 | B3: Product 3
A4: Company 1 | B4: Product 4
A5: Company 2 | B5: Product 1
A6: Company 3 | B6: Product 1
A7: Company 4 | B7: Product 1
A8: Company 4 | B8: Product 2
A9: Company 4 | B9: Product 3
A10: Company 4 | B9: Product 4
A11: Company 4 | B9: Product 5
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The first way I can figure out is with a second table and COUNTIFS formula as in the attachement.


The second table must have ALL the companies (just once) and ALL the products (just once). Obviously you can have the second table in a different sheet/document for graphic purposes.

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