File size swelling without adding data

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We are having quite the problem with workbooks increasing in size without us adding data or really changing anything. One example is now at 85MB (used to be around 35MB)


I have tried to retroactively decrease the size by removing conditional formatting, clearing empty rows and columns, all the usual stuff really.


What might be the cause of this, and does anyone have tips for how we can fix it?




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Hi Oliver,


If you have Inquire tab in your version of the Excel you may try from here Clean Excess Cell Formatting.

Sadly, I don't have that...

It could be not activated. Try File->Options->Add-ins->select COM Add-ins (at the bottom)->Go

Okay, so I activated that and cleaned the excess formatting, although this only decreased the size by 1MB.

When it's something specific to your file. I'd try to unzip it and check if something suspicious in xml files, but that's specific work without warranty you'll find the reason.

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