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I have a spreadsheet that everytime I sort the data it does the following:


adds a blank line

1)erases the border around the last entry

2)changes the sort data from auto to one of the colors I have already specified to sort by ( I have to cut the header row & reinsert to get the information to sort correctly).

3)when I print the document it prints in small font (i am selecting several rows & telling the printer to only print the selection)


Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Excel



can you post a file with some sample data that shows the behaviour? It's quite hard to recommend anything without being able to at least inspect the problem. 

Re: Excel

I have attached images of the issues I am having.  The sort issue is not acting up at the moment but basically it gets hung up & wants to get rid of the automatic & sort w/an existing color.  The lines disappear when I sort on the bottom & sometimes adds an extra line above.  Also the print is fine on the screen but when I print it is printing small.

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