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Peter Johnson
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This is probably easily answered as a colleague in work assures me it's really done but I'm inexperienced with Excel.

I have 2 separate sheets in the same Excel workbook. The data is arranged in the exact same format on both sheets but the actual information is different. How do I copy the information from one sheet on to the end of the other?

Thank you

Peter J
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Hi Peter,


If that's one time job when simple copy/paste. Select data in first sheet (in most cases stay on the top left cell of your range, press Ctrl and Shift, when arrow down, when arrow right till end of the range, release Ctrl and Shift), Ctrl+C, go to the end of the range in the second sheet (could work as Ctrl+End, Down, Home) and Ctrl+V. Works both in online and desktop versions.


If you do that from time to time and would like to automate - it depends.


That worked! Thank you very much, very much appreciated. You wouldn't believe the nonsense and hours I've expended on this without an outcome.

Thanks again.

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