Excel "IF" formula in two different cells only one if not calculating correctly.

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I have the same formula in 2 different cells, one returns the correct value of 30 and the other does not. I need help with the formula, please. File attached. 

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do we really need to see a 3 MB workbook to illustrate your problem? It's downloading extremely slowly. 


While it does that ... Your formula is not the same. One refers to J20 and the other one refers to L20. 


Your file has still not finished downloading. 


Soooo, the file has finally opened. You did not say which cells contain the formulas you refer to, so I'm guessing. 


M20 =IF(L20<>"",IF($I20=L20,$G$18+$D20,0),"") This returns 30, because the condition of the nested IF is true. I20 = L20 (both cells contain "NE Patriots")


K20 =IF(J20<>"",IF($I20=J20,$G$18+$D20,0),"") This returns 0 because the condition of the nested IF is false. I20 is not = J20. I20 has "NE Patriots" and J20 has "Baltimore"




You could have posted just the few cells involved instead of a 3MB  workbook. Also, it would have helped if you named the cells that have the problem. Don't make it harder than necessary to help you. Just saying. 

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