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I am trying to figure out if there is a formula I can put in conditional formatting to highlight cells in red when 2 0's appear in a row. Please see my example file (I have highlighted cells that I would like to automatically appear in red with the formula)

Any formula I have tried in the past is highlighting not only the 0 when it appears 2 times in a row, but also any other digit if it appears twice. 


Hopefully I have explained what I want to do, if not, I will try give more information. 

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Hi @H_Jones1985 


Something like the attached file?





Hi @H_Jones1985 ,


@Wyn Hopkins give ur question answer, but if u want before red highlight 0 in twice or many appearance in data.


see the attached file.



Thanks Wyn. That looks like it should work as it works. I've just got to get it working in my original document. It seems to be thinking the M's and E's are 0's. I'll keep working with it.