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I want my formula to be a cell * a number to a maximum of 2000


so for example:

If A1*.05 equals more than 2,000 I want the Max amount to show in the cell as 2,000


If it's under 2,000 than the number can be whatever the calculation.



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try this:




The min function will show the smallest of the values. If A1*0.5 is less than 2000, that result will be shown. If it is greater than 2000, the cell will show 2000, because that is the smaller of the two values.


The long way to write this is





I am merging data from Excel to Word.  The format of the date in the Excel File is dd-mm-yy.

When I merge to my Word Document, the date appears in American Format.

e.g. 06-Nov-2015 appears as 11/6/15.

How can I correct this to appear in UK format -  i.e. 6/11/15   or even 06 November 2015? 

Thank you for your help.


@FrankVB Please don't hijack another member's thread for your question. Please start your own question and post a link here. 

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