Excel for my church financial reports

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I have monthly, quarterly and annual reports. My quarterly reports are an accumulation of numbers for each category i.e. current, building fund, mission for January, February and March, I have been using these reports for number of years. My Pastor set this up for me.  I have a column for income for my reports, but I'm getting the #ref in a cell each time I enter the formula. I used the online help and it said if you delete a cell or paste  over it this will cause the #ref. How do I clean up these cells so I can re-enter formulas and get the number results I'm looking for ?  

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The error is alerting you that there is an inexistent reference in your formula. To evaluate whether all references in your function arguments are existing, select each function argument, press F9, then press Ctrl+Z.

@skbp1970 if your formula refers on individual cell(s) and if you move/delete the cell (not cell value), #REF appears. The workaround is to use ranges and/or offset. That was discussed here https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Excel/REF-Informular-when-Cut-Paste-the-reference-cells/m-p/3...

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