Excel autofill combination of letters and numbers

Robert Ertsey
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How do I autofill combination of letters and numbers so that the numbers increment by 1. 

Example: TMT111, TMT112, TMT113 etc...



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I learned this from Mr. jtakw..
enter into the cell the string - then at the lower right of the cell (cell handle) - there is square marker - mouse point it then drag down to the desired range then release..

you can do any string (alphanumeric text) with this.
as simple as that




I noted the reply to your query and wonder if you can help me?

 I input a string, say 1 2 3 4. 

When I drag the handle down, the values all revert to 1 which keeps on repeating a column of 1.

Same with a date string. I enter 28/12/2018 and then 29/12/2018 etc,.

When I drag down, the dates all are 28/12/2018.

This was working great and has only just started going awry.

Have you any suggestions?



Als je de cel naar beneden sleept  dan opent er automatisch in de onderste cel een snelmenu voor doorvoeren. hier kun je de keuze maken welke doorvoer actie je wilt hebben. 

Hi Kim,

Thanks for your reply.

The icon that comes up when I drag the crosshairs down is the Quick Analysis tool.

@Lorenzo Kim wrote:


How do I open up the icon that you show in your screenshot?

(You've probably gathered my computer skills are limited!)







point to the left lower corner of the box, click the icon then select fill...


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