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Hi Guys 
I didnt know where else to put this . Issue came up today to find the best way to email from an excel spreadsheet. Not an expert in excel so any advice is welcome.
My issue is I have a spreadsheet that is 2500 lines long and is run monthly so the information varies. Each provider has several client numbers which identifies the client number that the provider is doing work for. I need to be able to email the provider with an update of his or her client numbers. Each provider has an email address which doesn't come in the sheet .

So in the example provider 1123 should get an email that contains the client numbers 89965 and 85447
I have around 190 providers in this sheet .

I have no idea how to do this and it has to be done on a regular basis. Can it be done from excel ? Heres hoping

providers           client number     discipline     subclass     year level
1123                  89965                     x                 even                5
1123                   85447                    y                 over                 3
55655                  123                       p                  under              4
5565                     8787                   q                    even                5
855555                 654                       z                    under             2

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