Excel advanced filter issues with multiple decimal style numbering

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Howdy Folks,

Currently running MS Excel professional 2019 and currently feel blocked by the advanced filter function.

In column A, I have the title "Number" and in column B, the title "Description".

Column A is formatted as text and contains the following style number system:








etc. etc.


I basically then want to filter by column A, down to a certain level of detail. This level is included in the number format. As an example, I just want to see the top level - Ok, this is relatively straight forward with the filter as text option and would return just whole integer numbers 1 2 3 etc.

I can add a second argument in the filter as text option, which gives me the start of the next level of detail e.g. =?.?

However, when I want to filter any more than two levels (e.g. 1  &  1.1   1.2    1.3 etc) then I include a table with the syntax which I wish to filter. My table would read:

"Number" in the header of column A, and then I would include operators like:

="=?"              [Top level]

="=?.?"            [2nd level]

="=?.??"          [2nd level]

="=?.?.?"         [3rd level]

="=?.??.?" …. and so on.

The filter is not coping with returning the correct values, I assumed because it is still trying to convert the text back into a number, due to the single decimal. I therefore swapped the decimal sign for an accent " ` ", but this has not helped.


Any other ideas how to filter multiple syntaxes of text would be very much appreciated? ;)



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