Excel - Word - Mail Merge not picking up fields from excel

Alison Flynn

Hi guys,


I've a pretty large database in excel that's being used to merge to a mail merge doc.  The database stretches to column MX but word is only picking up to column IV.


How can I get word to pick up the rest of the data as I need it in the mail merge document?


Thanks for helping!

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Hi Alison,


Column IV is #256. Usually queries in office have 255 columns limit, as I remember Mail Merge is not an exception.

Hi Sergei,


Yep it's 256 going all the way up to 362.  That's a bummer to say the least - would you know anyway around that?




Nope, sorry, I don't know workaround, work with Mail Merge once per few years. Do you really need all these 362 fields, perhaps you may modify your source to reduce number of fields?

Thanks Sergei,


I could look at separating them into different sheets but that complicates it somewhat -I tried doing that and needed to use paste link but it slowed the whole merge down and kept crashing both word and excel.


I appreciate your help though.


Hi Sergei,


Just letting you know I've had a solution - exporting the file to csv and merging that way seems to have done the trick.


Really appreciate your help.


Alison, thanks for sharing. I'm surprised what from csv file you may merge 362 fields

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