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Excel Sum Formula Help

Hi, I'm wondering if there is a function/formula that I can apply to an entire column that will add entities on a row by row basis.  I want my cells in column Q, Q5 for example, to give me the sum of N5-O5-P5.  I can apply a sum formula for Q5, Q6, Q7, etc. individually, but I would like to know if I can save time by applying a function to the entire column to do this?

The image shows the spreadsheet for clarification.


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here is one way to do it:


Re: Excel Sum Formula Help

Won't that give me a running total for the entire columns. I am looking to see the sum of the individual rows in the corresponding cell in column Q. Like, in every Q cell, I want to see the corresponding N-O-P sum. Q5=N5-O5-P5 Q6=N6-O6-P6 and so on... without having to create a new formula for every Q cell. Don't know if that makes sense

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I misunderstood your issue.

Then it is simply:


And copy the formula down.


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Hi, Kevin.  I am not sure your question.  Your original message said you have done with Sum formula.  You can copy and paste in the whole Column Q.


Just in case, perhaps you used something like 


In the above formula, the reference address is an absolute reference address.  Wherever you copy and paste that formula (except N5 to P5), it gives the same result becuase it refers to the same 3 cells.


You can use relative reference address in Q5 like 


If you copy it and paste in Q6, the formula will change to 


or copy it and paste to D1, the formula will change to 




You may read Switch between relative, absolute, and mixed references for more infomation.


In addition, you may use Fill Handle to fill the formula for you if you use relative reference address for the formula.



Re: Excel Sum Formula Help

Thank you both! I didn't realize that copying the SUM formula down would change the values to match the corresponding rows. Haven't needed to use excel in a long time.
Thanks again!
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