Excel Sorting Error

Alex Buxton
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Hi all and thanks for looking.


I have a spreadsheet that is an output from a database programme.

It has 9 columns and 1000 rows roughly. There isn't data in all the cells.


When I come sort on let's say column C, all the columns apart from column F. Column F creates a lot of empty cells at the top of the sorted data.


I note that for column F most of the date is on row two of what would normally be a single row of data.


Does anyone know how I can work around this scenario with least effort? I just did a quick test and moved the second rows in line with the first rows and the sort worked as it should.



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Likely non-contiguous blocks of data. Make sure you don't have any complete blank columns and select a single cell before sorting.

Thanks for this.


What I noticed that quite a lot of rows had a single entry in a column but on the next row. So one entry equals two rows, so to speak, with all but 1 column accounting for the second row.


So what I did was delete the top empty cell in the column that had the extra space and this bumped all the entries to 1 row and I was then able to sort.

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