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Im trying to do this for work. 


Im Trying to create a formula that produces a budget amount from a table with a budget code with a corresponding Budget amount. I've used a Vlookup for this. 


I have a general Table where I fill all of the information into. 

I need to create a formula to take the new input [A1 (XXPO_230) B1(Cost: €20)] from budget [G1 (XXPO_230) H2(Value: $30000) and put into C1(The remainder of the PO per each step if (XXPO_230) is used.


If XXPO_123456 with a budget of 20000 is used it will display that value on each step


So say I use budget code  'XXPO_230' for the amount of $1,000 C1; will display €29,000

followed by using the code 'XXPO_230' for the amount of $2,000 C2; will display €27,000

followed down the line by ' XXPO_123456' for the amount of $5,000; C3; should display $15,000


I've attached an excel of what I would like.. If anyone has any advice on this it would be much appreciated! 

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Hi Shaun,


There is no file attached.

Hi Sergei, 


Hopefully it is attaching to this response. 


Kind regards,


Shaun, not sure I understood what is needed since samples in your post are fully different from what is in your sample file. However, for the latest to calculate Effective budget



Hi Sergei,

That's exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much!

Kind regards,
Hi Sergei,

That's exactly what I wanted! Thank you very much

Hi Shaun,


So far so good, glad to help

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