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Tai Excel
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need helps here.



I have prior Macro recording and VBA experience in Excel. After I install and active Office 365 ProPlus on my new machine (ThinkPad E480), the Macro recording generate wrong VBA Code. There are not additional add-in installed on this Office, with all default setting.


To Replicate This Error (only in my machine)

1. Start Macro Recording

2, Click on Cell B4

3, The Code generated is Range("B4").ErrorString instead of Range("B4").Select



Troubleshooting Performed

Done Online Repair and the problem still persist.

All using default setting in Office.



Appreciate your advise on how to rectify this. Thanks!


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Hi Tai,


It seems to be a bug in the macro recorder as there is no property in the Range object called: ErrorString.

I advise you to report this to Microsoft through Help (Ribbon tab) >> Feedback.



Hi! I also experience the same thing. Instead of copy, paste, etc, my "record macro" produces vba that says "delete". I don't see the feedback button in my excel 2016. What can I do to correct it? Thank you!

Hi Arianne,


There is a ribbon tab called Help!

If you don't find it, right-click the ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon, then find the Help checkbox, and check it.

If you didn't find it, then it's not available in your version of Excel, in this case, you can ask this community which is the best place to get support.



used that many times and did not get any helpful response

it's now resolved via simple method below


1. uninstall Office (don't borthered with online repair)

2. reboot computer

3. install office with new setup file


hope this helps

Hi Tai,


I'm having the same trouble with my new Thinkpad, and even after reinstalling Office, I'm getting the same errors with Excel macros.  Any other suggestions?