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can anyone help me please, i need to create a spreadsheet with a list of people with expiry dates for a particular certification expiry date, i would like to put in a formula to give me a 6 month warning for each entry prior to their expiry, so they have plenty of time to renew before expiry.

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If your expiry date were in A1 and had a value of 11/30/2018, you could use a simple formula like:




thanks for your response jimfikes, the formula is not working, its telling me i've entered too many arguments for this function.


Any advice is much appreciated!

to get the current date (today), we can use



to get the year of today



to get the month of today



to get the day value of today



if you want a particular date



so, to use DATE function to set today



but you need the date value of expiry date which is in cell A1



and a date value of a half year before the expiry date

Sorry about that. I left off a closing parenthesis after the first A1. It should read: =DATE(YEAR(A1),MONTH(A1)-6,DAY(A1))

6 months back from the date is


with formatting resulting cell as date

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