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Hi, complete novice to Excel but wanting to make life easier as i suspect i am doing work the long way on many occasions. Can you have two of the same Worksheets in Excel, where when one sheet is update the replicates to the other sheet automatically? Looking to have 2 worksheets but not all data is relevant on both so will hide columns on the 2nd worksheet thanks!
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Hello @MelissaRatcliffe275,


One way to solve this problem is to create a blank worksheet and in cell A1 reference to cell A1 in your original worksheet (i.e. =Sheet1!A1). Then simply copy down this formula to the necessary amount of cells.


Hope this helps!


Hi @MelissaRatcliffe275 


When structuring your data in Excel it is a good practice to store your data in a table using the Excel Table feature in Excel as demonstrated in the illustration below. Give your table a meaningful name.

Untitled Project.gif

Then you can easily reference your table in other sheets by its name. With the latest version of Office 365 you can leverage the power of the new engine and make efficient use of dynamic array function as I demonstrate.


Tell us what are you trying to achieve with the second table and we maybe help you better.


Let us know if that was helpful

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