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Can I use the Data Connection Wizard to extract data from an SQL table while I am connected to the owner's website? I would like to log in to the application and then extract "my" data into an Excel table. I do not know the server name, I just know that I am "in" the file, 30 of my data records are displayed on the screen, and at the same time I am in a blank Excel spreadsheet to which I would like to load all 800 my data records.

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If you can access the owner*s site i suppose you are in a sharepoint site? And it goes with Office 365? good news! You can export your (sharepoint) table to Excel, if its in classic layout.


Other idea: Set up a flow with MS FLOW if you can see that table in modern layout of that (sharepoint) site. Use the sharepoint source and export it with excel with your action steps. If none does work, send a screenshot, so that i can figure out... Greets, Eva.

I know nothing about SharePoint or Flow.

I am just a "user" logging in to someone else's system. While I am there I can update "my" records. I presume that since I am updating their file, the file is "open", I have a valid connection to my data records, and I should be able to open Excel, use the Excel data connection feature, and extract all of my data into an Excel table. But Excel Data Connection wants to know the server name, and I don't know what the server name is.  I have looked at the java scripts and .css files behind the screens but do not see a server name anywhere.

Hello @CCinTV ! Did you contact your admin in the while, or did you open it locally? Greets, Eva.

Admin refused to give me access so I had to cut and paste my data. That's 175 screens of 30 lines per screen,  one screen at a time. Truly aggravating. Having been a programmer for 30+ years and being a user now, in retirement as a volunteer, I am totally frustrated!! Oh well.

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