Excel Conditional Formatting

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Excel Conditional Formatting


I have a column of data that I want to format to be bold when it is greater than 5000. But, in it I have numbers that are <1000 and written this way as well as numbers that include 0.010 I or 0.010 U. If they contain the letters or less than symbol I still want them to be bold but if they aren't I don't. How would I go about doing this?

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Re: Excel Conditional Formatting

Hi, If all the values are in the same column you'll have to set-up multiple conditional formatting rules to capture all cases. You can do this by selecting the data column which needs to be formatted, going to Conditional Formatting and then New Rule. Use 'Format only cells that contain' option and then use cell value for the >5000 criteria and specific text for the others.


I've attached a screenshot of how the formulas would look like once set. Let me know if you're running into any issues.

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