Excel Combing Data Cells

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what's the formula to combine more then (2) text data cells?

specifically I want to combine cells E2 : H2 : L2 : P2 into a new cell

=E2&" "&H2 "&L2 "&P2 does not yield what I want

Please advise the proper forumla

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=concatenate(a1," ",f1," ",k1," ", t1)

It depends on what do you want as result. Your formula doesn't work at all, you may use CONCATENATE as @jmcl0000 posted or correct your formula to

=E2 &" " & H2 & " " & L2 & " " & P2


TY = works
I need the numbers in the cell A1 through A17 to be math processed and copied to cells N1 through N17
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