Excel 2016 Find Replace not working on same columns multiple sheets

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For years I have been able to select multiple tabs (7+) and highlight the same columns and use the Find/Replace function (within Sheet) to update formulas.  Recently this stopped functioning and only lets me do 2 sheets at a time (sometimes).  I am using Excel 2016 and the file type is a Macro Enabled Workbook.  Changing the Within from Sheet to Workbook is not an option as it effects other formulas. 

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@SidNee201 Have you figured out a solution to this?  I am having the same problem and need to be able to select more than 2 sheets at a time.

I'm also having the same problem. Have you found a solution?



Any news regarding this?  Was an issue last month, thought I might have changed some setting but after review, did not.  Still an issue.

@JJJ1969  I have consulted with MANY users and had no luck finding a solution.  It appears that this happened after a update was installed.  I was hoping a MS "expert" would weigh in on this but have heard nothing.



Have you heard anything about how to fix this???


I came across this problem a few days ago, since having some software updates.  I need this to be correctly asap.  I can't work on building templates if this is not working...



It was due to a software update that had recently got pushed through at my office.  I had them un-install and re-install excel 2016 and it seems to be working fine for now.  I may have them revert me back to Excel 2013 or earlier unless it gets fixed in 2016.


I am guessing it will happen again once I am forced to do a software update again.

I'm interested in the official documentation of this change if it exists in the updates history somewhere.

Facing same problem here too.. we need a fix for this

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