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I have to write this formula in excel 365, if the value of cell A1 is> 10 and <20 shows the value contained in cell A2. What is the solution. Thank you

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Below formula would work:



to add the same formula for another cell?Example: = IF (AND (A1> 10; A1 <20); A2; "") (A3> 20; A3 <40); A5; "").
thank you


First of all I am using the Turkish version of Excel so the ";" signs in the formula may need to be changed to ",". secondly if you mean using the same formula in a different cell with different control it can be. How ever if you want to check a second condition when the first one is not true you need to write nested ifs like


=IF(AND(A1>10, A1<10);A2;IF(AND(A3>20, A3<40);A5;"")


or if you have 2019 version you can use single command (not sure though)


=IFS(AND(A1>10, A1<10),A2,(AND(A3>20, A3<40),A5)