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My excel is showing up with the insert comments disabled. The spreadsheets already have several comments and I just cannot add comments anymore. I need this feature too much. How do I enable this?

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I'm experiencing the same thing. What happened? How do we fix this?

I called Microsoft support and they told me that I'd to register this question here that I would get the answer in 24 hours. Question if I received ...... NOTHING .... Simply my excel stayed like this for 2 days and last night it came back working without me doing anything.

Mine started doing the same thing today. What gives?????

Mine started doing this today too....  Frustraiting.

Right click any cell and the "insert comment" option is NOT there.



Same thing happened to me: unable to enter comments into Excel cells.  It seems that registering your question "here" was the answer.  How did you do that?  (I am new to this Community). Thanks.