EXCEL LASTEST UPDATE:How can 2 people use the same file at the same time? Shared/View option is gone

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At work, we have updated to Microsoft Business 2016. We use excel to create data reports and we all update the report at the same time using the shared file option in View. With the new update, the shared option is not there. Well at least I can't see it. Is there a way to make the file shared to where we all can update the file at the same time?

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Hi @TrishaKPB , file share is still exists, but now that's legacy functionality. More advanced is co-authoring, aka share on OneDrive or SharePoint. Please see details here https://support.office.com/en-us/article/what-happened-to-shared-workbooks-150fc205-990a-4763-82f1-6...


You may have to look into this. I believe any shares you have previously created would have to be set-up again anyway. Also I think that with MS Business, you need to have SharePoint &/or OneDrive set for your business, to get it working correctly.

@Nauthstar , file share works correctly with Excel upgrade and, as a rule, that's not necessary to re-share old shared files. The only, this functionality is hide now.

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