Doubts about the map chart

Tiago Levi

Doubts about the map chart


I'm trying to create a map chart for some municipalities in Brazil, but I can not.

I can generate maps for countries and also for Brazilian states, but when I try for municipality it does not appear.

I created the following table as a test:
Municipality        Value
Recife                  100
Olinda                  98
Caruaru                75

It does not generate any map. I added another column detailing the state of the federation.
State                  Municipality        Value
Pernambuco       Recife                  100
Pernambuco       Olinda                  98
Pernambuco       Caruaru                75

However it generates only a map of the state, not separating the municipalities.
What should I do? I need to analyze all the municipalities in the state of pernambuco / brazil.


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