Developer tab removed from Excel 2016 for Mac

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I run Excel 2016 for Mac, which I bought, rather than subscribing to Office 365, on a 2018 MacBook Air. I use macros and today the 'Developer" tab has disappeared from the toolbar. When I went to Excel>Preferences>Ribbon & Toolbar, I get the message that "This feature is only available if you haven an Office 365 Subscription". I don't have, or need one. Has anyone else come across this? I paid for my licence and when I did so, Excel included the Developer tab. Suddenly, it has disappeared (I can only assume that Microsoft has removed it) and it seems that the only way that I can access my macros is for me to pay for something that was part of the contract when I bought it. If the only way is to sign up for 365, then this is tantamount to extortion.

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I have Excel 2016 for Mac  Ver 16.16.8 (190312) purchased the same as you. I have no issues with the developer tab so must be a local issue for you rather than Microsoft removing it.



Hi @Evan_the_Sceptic,


The Developer Tab doesn't require a paid subscription.

But it seems that the location of this option has changed in Excel 2016 on Mac.

Please watch this video to figure it out.


Hope that helps



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