Data Validation Equals a Pass/Fail

Andrea Knoper
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Hello. I am looking to revamp a data sheet to associate values with a drop-down and I am unsure how to formulate it...


This data sheet will have information added every day and also needs to be searchable. So I have turned it to a table already.  It needs to give a pass or fail outcome for 2 pieces of data ("Max" and "Delta"). The data has to be less than or equal to a certain value. This value now needs to be associated to a number from a validation list which I have added to the "Part Number" column. How do I associate that part number with the Max and Delta pass/fail? 


Gloss Data.PNG

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Hi @Andrea Knoper


Could you provide an example,  it's not clear what you are referring to in terms of "data" and "value", or what sort of association with the Part Number you need





Specifically... I need a user to be able to input stuff into each column. They need to be able to choose a "part number". Based on that part number, they have a certain "Max" and "Delta" that it has to meet. That max and delta both have to be a "pass". Then they can pass that part number. If it is a fail, they need to take further action. 


Each part number will have different max and deltas to meet. I just need to associate it somehow. If that is possible. 

Hi @Andrea Knoper


Do you need something like the attached file?



if you have a seperate table to define the pass status of a product number for DELTA and MAX you can use LOOKUP, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP formulas to import this data to your main table.

Yes. Something like that would work! 

Ok. I can try that too. Thank you!