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I have a series of 12 MONTHLY workbooks that are simply linked between the 1st day of the month balances on tab 1 pointing to ending balance cells from the last day of the previous month on tab 31 (or 30, 29 or 28).  


Each workbook has a last tab that brings in the daily balance from each day of the month (Columns: Day, Bank Acct #1, Bank Acct #2, etc with a  summary column ALL CASH.  Rows are 1-31 (or 30, 29 or 28).  Here the information is graphed for short term planning. 


The daily balance tab is linked to a YEARLY workbook that consolidates this information and graphs it for long term planning.  Again the connections are simply pointing to cells in the MONTHLY workbooks' daily balance tab.


When I update the first month in the series, for example, I would like that action to update month 2-12 and the YEARLY workbook without having to open each month along the chain.  The goal is to be able to open the current MONTHLY workbook and the YEARLY workbook and have all of the relevant data updated through the full year on the YEARLY.   What are my options?  


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If the daily tab is linked to the month and the month is linked to the year, I don't get how the year won't update itself each time you change a dime in any of the other cells... can you send us an example of that file, so we can see what you mean?

The links don't update until I've opened each workbook.  If I update January and I have just January and the Yearly workbook open then January's new numbers update the Yearly workbook for January but it does not update the February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November or December workbooks (until I actually open those workbooks).  Because those subsequent months are not updating they, in turn, do not update the Yearly workbook.  Does that make more sense?

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