Creating Specific Pivot Table format

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I have a database collecting all my production data from a factory, and I would like to produce a pivot table that mimics my production report - to make things more efficient
I've tried many approaches but I am no expert in Pivots, therefore got stuck.
Link to the sheet with the Data and Desired outcome can be found below, any help would be hugely appreciated !!

Note: I am filling the data in a way where my production is recorded on 1 line and then all my consumables are on the lines below, with the some data repeated for pivot to pick up. You might find this incorrect and I could change the data capturing method based on any suggestions here.
Thanks in advance


Link to Document

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Okay so i solved this using Pivot Table DAX Functionality

Link below for reference

Susan in Melbourne wants to create a pivot table that shows text in the values area. Typically, this can not be done. But it is possible with the DAX formula language. Format as Table using Ctrl+T Insert, Pivot Table, Add This Data to the Data Model Build the Row & Column Areas Right-click the ...
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