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In a survey analysis in Excel, I am trying to count unique words in cells with multiple text values per cell. I found the formula =SOM(LENGTE(A2:A7)-LENGTE(SUBSTITUEREN(A2:A7;"apple";"")))/LENGTE("apple") (example to select "apple" in a range of fruit names) but when I press Crtl-Shift-Enter, nothing happens and the formula gives a #value mistake.


In my own research file, I uswed the variation =SOM(LENGTE(GD10:GD10000)-LENGTE(SUBSTITUEREN(GD10:GD10000;"HAVO";""))/LENGTE("HAVO")) (counting the word "HAVO", but I get a value of 83 in stead of the 5 times this word appears in my test file.


Can someone explain how to get a correct result?

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Hi Peter,


First, I'd use SUMPRODUCT to avoid array formulas. More about this is here https://exceljet.net/formula/count-specific-words-in-a-range


Second, check brackets in your formulas.


Third, take into account SUBSTITUTE is case sensitive.

So, I'd use




Above formulas are for English SKU, you may translate them back to Dutch here https://en.excel-translator.de/translator/


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