Counting the number of rows by text value

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I have a file with case numbers and case types in a given month.  I want to know which case type is the most common.  How can I get a count of the number of rows in each case type?

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If case types are in Column C, the formula in D2 is:
Instead of C:C, you should instead use a dynamic range named CaseTypes, with this formula:
Thereafter, your formula in D2 should look like this:


Shared two images hope you find the solutionsolution1.PNGSolution2.PNG@Jenny-Amari


A different mindset, stemming mainly from personal prejudices! To avoid the need for helper cells, I introduced names and loaded the array formula

= COUNTIF( CaseType, CaseType )

into the 'Refers to' box for the named formula 'occurrences'.  The innovatively-named cell value 'maxOccurrences' is then given by the worksheet formula

= MAX( occurrences )

Knowing the number of occurrences I am looking for, the case type is given by

= LOOKUP( 2, 1/(occurrences=maxOccurrences), caseType )


Thanks for the borrowed problem layout!


Most frequently occurring name.JPG

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