Counting text of a specific colour & font

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I am trying to establish a COUNTIF formula that will accurately count the number of identical single text characters in a specific colour in a range of cells in a row that contains the same text character in a different colour. Is this possible, please? If so I would be very grateful for help with this request. Many thanks.

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@topcat999 ,


Afraid that's if only with VBA, not with formula. Formulas work with cell values, not with their attributes like colors.

Thank you @Sergei Baklan . I am not that proficient with Excel, unfortunately, but when I accessed the Help function on using COUNTIF it suggested that "Excel supports User-Defined Functions using VBA operations on cells based on background or font colour."

Is it possible you could guide or demonstrate this for me, please?

Many thanks.


Thank you for that, @Sergei Baklan. Your help and advice greatly appreciated. 

@topcat999 ,


That's not my expertise. Please check, perhaps people who is discussin that could help.

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