Copy Data to Other Sheets' Columns Based on Criteria

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I have an excel sheet of data called Employee Awards where: Column A is employee name, Column B is employee number, Columns C-P contain other data relating to their nominations for employee awards. I want to I want to add demographic data for each of these employees which exists in a different workbook called Employee Data such as: Column D – Gender, Column E – Position title, Column F – Division. Note that Column A in Employee Data is the employee number. What formula can I use to find the employee numbers listed in Employee Awards in Employee Data and copy their gender, position title and division data across from Employee Data to Employee Awards in new columns Q, R and S?

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column Q =VLOOKUP($B2,'Employee Data'!$A:$F,4,FALSE)

column R =VLOOKUP($B2,'Employee Data'!$A:$F,5,FALSE)

column S =VLOOKUP($B2,'Employee Data'!$A:$F,6,FALSE)

Just to be clear, these are the formulae for the row 2 of your Employee Awards sheet, you can copy the same for rest of the rows.
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