Converting Excel file into txt

Manon Lelandais
New Contributor

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to convert an Excel file with simple data ordered in columns into a txt file.

The txt file mixes up the data and the columns are disorganised. Is there any way to keep the simple organisation of the data ?
Many thanks

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Hi Sergei,

thank you for your suggestion, it worked. I'm going to try to work around the character limitation.

Hi Manon,


Try to copy your data, and paste it in a text file as follows:


Convert to txt file.png


Another way:

Press F12, and save your workbook as Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt) type.


In both cases, your data is supposed to remain organized and separated by tab character, unless there is a problem!

Hi Haytham,

Thanks for your suggestions. I unfortunately tried both and the data gets mixed up everytime :


Sans titre.png

Check this post where I suggested a similar situation https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/BI-and-Data-Analysis/Convert-txt-to-excel/m-p/357360/highligh... for Doc Converter
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